Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study

Reverse logistics case study comparison between an electronic the organization from the electronic industry is elgiganten and the organization from the. Chapter 8 gsc 3600 professor memran chapter 8 case study green reverse logistics in the electronics industry the various stockholders who benefit from these efforts are the manufacturers because they will be able to reuse some of the refurbished goods. Consideration factors of reverse logistics implementation -a case study of taiwan's electronics industry author links open overlay panel cherng ying chiou a hui chiu chen a cheng tao yu b chun yuan yeh a.

Moduslink case study: consumer electronics industry client a case study in supply chain management • limited reverse logistics capabilities. Electronics is not the only industry benefiting from sustainable reverse logistics operations golf club maker callaway, for example, routinely accepts trade-ins of used golf clubs after replacing the grips, the company sells the refurbished clubs. Case study it began with reverse logistics, because that is the most expensive part of the entire process, accounting for about 60 percent of total.

Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china: a case study supply chain management: an international journal, vol 14, no 6 study of reverse logistics for household appliances industry based on system dynamics modeling. Whirlpool corporation: reversing logistics reverse logistics program design: company study reverse logistics program design: a company study whirlpool and the built-in appliance industry in india whirlpool corporation: reverse logistics strategic sourcing at whirlpool china: finding the ideal supplier the united nations joint logistics centre (unjlc) - an operational and conceptual inter. Reverse logistics during the last years, no study has so far identified what elements of customer service are important predictors of consumer involvement in the reverse logistics system for recycling. The coordination of e-commerce and logistics a case study of amazoncom case study of amazon china as the study subject according to electronic commerce and. Reverse logistics deals with the planning, process and flow of finished goods inventory, packaging materials and parts of finished product back from end customer to the product company as sales return or warranty return or unsold inventory with trading partners.

Methodology for performance evaluation of reverse supply chain according to a recent study, reverse logistics is one of the twenty one top warehousing trends in. (2000) an exploratory study on electronic commerce for reverse logistics supply chain forum: an international journal: vol 1, no 1, pp 10-17. Feb 12 10:30 - selling reverse logistics goods online: case study of itembazaarcom methods alex tenenbaum, ceo of itembazaarcom inc discusses his years of being part of the reverse logistics industry and how he grew itembazaar from one man operation to a growing company of 20 team members and $5 million in sales.

Electronics industry to better explore, understand and share the ideas about today's 34 current state of reverse logistics in europe 39 35 case studies 64. Industry various benefits, for example, inventory reduction, objective of this research is to make use of a case study to present various issues surrounding. A case study with estee lauder reveals a balanced approach to green and reverse logistics by implementing and blending strategies in both reverse and forward flows of product the company was plagued with returned and excess product that was finding its way to landfills. I want to use affinity analysis in reverse supply chain the international journal of logistics management, vol 23, no 1, pp4-30 reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china.

  • 89 adaptability to reverse logistics -an empirical study in european electronics industry hans-christian pfohl alexander bode ha thi van nguyen darmstadt university of technology, germany.
  • Transcript of green reverse logistics in the electronics industry case study 6 green reverse logistics in the electronincs industry introduction returns management.

This logistics services company manages hundreds of millions of supply chain assets for its clients, has hundreds of thousands drop off and pick up points, and make over 10,000 deliveries per day moving through over 100 logistics centers. Jindal a, sangwan ks (2011) development of an interpretive structural model of barriers to reverse logistics implementation in indian industry in: hesselbach j, herrmann c (eds) glocalized solutions for sustainability in manufacturing. Reverse logistics in automotive industry --a multiple case study in automotive industry zhaoanjian mao & yang jin may 2014 supervisor: lars löfqvist.

reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study Global logistics management sustainability, quality, risks edited by wolfgang kersten, thorsten blecker, and heike flämig with contributions by adel al-mansi, hatem aldarrat, dagoberto alves de almeida.
Reverse logistics in the electronic industry of china a case study
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